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It is easier to search for drugs online with the Pharmacy-Mart.com online service. We will show you the prices in various international pharmacy chains, online pharmacies and regional pharmacies, and will allow you to compare the prices of medicines. You can easily choose the best offer based on the price of the medicine, the pharmacy assortment, or the location of the particular pharmacy. You will have to choose the right offer and go to the site of your chosen pharmacy to book or order medicine online.

For whom does our service work?

Our service is designed for a common user who is looking for medicines, pharmacies and wants to compare the prices of medicines and buy them at a lower price.

How to find out the price of a medicine?

Very simple! Use the rubricator or enter the name of the medication in the search field you are looking for and click on the "Search" button. The system will show you the search results containing links to the pages of the found drugs, where you can find offers from various pharmacies, choose the pharmacy that suits you with the best prices and go to the pharmacy's website for ordering the medicine that interests you.

The mission of the Pharmacy-Mart.com

Our mission is to provide users with up-to-date information on the prices of medicines, to simplify the process of finding medicines, give answers to frequently asked questions by people: where to buy medicines and what are the best prices for medicines?

The purpose of the Pharmacy-Mart.com

Our purpose is to provide convenient intelligent search for pharmacy offers in many countries of the world, to provide up-to-date, constantly updated information about the availability of medicines in pharmacies and drug prices, to make the search for drugs in pharmacies simple and fast.

What will you find on this site?

  • reference information on medicines
  • search for drugs in pharmacies in your region, or in online pharmacies
  • possibility to find a pharmacy near you
  • find a pharmacy with low prices for medicines
  • possibility to find a pharmacy and order medicines with delivery
  • find and buy medicines at a discount
  • find cheaper medicines analogues.

How is the drug guide formed and how do we get data from pharmacies?

We take all information about medicines from various open registries of medicines. Our search spiders scan the Internet in search of prices and offers. These data are updated regularly.

The Pharmacy-Mart.com project does not belong to any of the participants in the pharmaceutical market, it is completely independent, which means that it provides reliable information about the availability of medicines and prices for drugs.

If you are a pharmacy owner and want to post your offers on our website, please read the information on how to do this on the page "For pharmacies".

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